We've announced our latest project!

Dearest Friends and Soon-to-be-Friends,

It’s Brenden, Lead Game Designer, again. Hope you’re doing well.

You've announced the project!

That’s right! We’ve now announced the game we’re working on and teased in the last post:

Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure(Add to your wishlist now!)

It’s a beginner-friendly Automation game blended with Minion-based Real Time Strategy gameplay and it can be played both in single player and online multiplayer.

If you haven’t seen our teaser, you can watch below. We did our best to fit in as much stuff in as possible in less than a minute so people who want to can really watch it closely and see all of the fun things we have! Did you see that you can pet the Sparks? Watch the yellow player closely in the beginning.

Please enjoy!

I've never played Automation Games, is this for me?

We sure hope you’ll give it a try! We’ve made Oddsparks for both hardcore fans of the automation genre and the automation-curious like yourself! If you’ve ever been satisfied by a good puzzle, had fun with a strategy game or if you’ve spent many many hours in games where you build stuff, then we think you’ll like Oddsparks.

In general, we’ve built this game for different types of players. In Oddsparks, you can explore strange and unique biomes, build and automate a big logistics network, fight strange creatures, decorate your base, uncover a mystery and adventure with your friends. If several of those phrases sound interesting to you, then maybe you’ll have a lot of fun with Oddsparks!

I love Automation Games! Give me the details!

You’ve come to the right place, let's get Technical. In Oddsparks, you’ll be building a logistics network that directs individual independent agents to transport items through various distances and height levels.

I do want to emphasise that this is not a city building game where the agents transport items intelligently and automatically from one place to another. It’s an automation game but instead of conveyor belts, all you have are little guys!

Tell me more about the little guys.

Oh, the Sparks! They’re cute, right? There’s different types and some are good at one thing (like, fighting), but not so good at another (like, making stuff). They’re not very smart, but they are are very useful. You can use them in a lot of different ways!

  • You can throw them at trees and bushes and stuff and they’ll harvest the items and bring it back to you.
  • You can throw them at enemies, like the Beelephant, and they’ll attack!
  • You can set them to work in the workstations.
  • You can put them down on paths and they walk and carry stuff!
    • They’re not smart, so what actually happens is that when they pass a workstation’s output box, they’ll try to pick up an item from it, and when they pass a workstation’s input area with an item the building requires, they try to put it inside of that workstation.

The last bit is very important. You can even give them instructions by building little gates and signs on the path for them, so they don’t pass a gate if they have the wrong item, or wait at a path until they have something in their hands. Be careful not to cause a traffic jam!

I’d tell you even more, but this post is getting way too long, so we’ll have to stop for now. If you like the sound of all this, please wishlist the game on steam, and keep a look out for blog posts that reveals some news. If you have some questions, you can also go to our discord! We can't tell you everything we've planned, but we might be able to tell you a few more things here or there.

Show you more soon,

Your Massive Miniteam

Lead Game Designer