Massive Miniteam is an independent games studio, specializing in juicy arcade action, couch co-op and playful exploration.

We also create VR and AR Apps for business clients, work with educational programs on serious games and offer our services for porting to all major platforms.


We create games filled with curiosity and excitement that allow for player expression through gameplay. We like to create joyful experiences that let people laugh together and share moments of joy and wonder.

We make games because we love the creative process, with all the struggle it includes. We strive to see our passion reflected and multiplied in the faces of players all over the world.

We like to start development in small teams with an experimental approach. After a shape emerges, the rest of the team steps in to fill in the gaps.

We draw our inspiration from all aspects of life, which is reflected in the multitude of projects we work on. Whether contract work or game - we regard keeping a diverse portfolio as essential for the quality of our work. You can’t innovate from inside the box.


We’re a Miniteam, but with Massive experience.

Whether Virtual or Augmented Reality, Games as advertisement or porting to all major platforms and mobile, we have the experience to help you succeed with your project.

  • Do you need expertise in interactive storytelling?
  • Do you yearn for customers to associate your company with fun and entertainment?
  • Do you want to test the limits of current technology with innovative VR or AR projects?
  • Do you have a project idea and just need someone to get it done?

Give us a call and we’ll figure out how to help you.