Beethoven: Follow The Music

Help Beethoven compose by tracing his inspiration through his masterpieces!

We developed an Augmented Reality game in honor of Beethoven's 250th birthday for mobile devices. It was released on 6th of January 2020 by WDR.!

You can download it here:

With the augmented reality game “Beethoven: Follow the Music”, you can enter the realm of Beethoven, listening to and playing a musical piece – in fact, you’ll be surrounded by it!

You play each piece of music in a unique environment – for example, “Moonlight Sonata” takes place at a lake and “For Elise” transports you into a garden! There’s also a secret to uncover in each of the worlds – find the hidden music box to unlock additional information and a link to the full piece of music!

Follow the orb of inspiration that is synced with the rhythm of the music while moving your hand around. The visuals of the game and the movements match every single sound, letting you enjoy the music not only with your ears, but with all of your senses. Just like Beethoven did!

More information about the project can be found on the WDR website.

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