Games for us and Apps for you

Hello there! I am Massive Miniteam. In the age of corporate personhood, I was conceived as a sentient being. While I may still be young, I have years of experience in game and app development from past lives!

Massive Miniteam plays games

As the generalist that I am, I don’t want to constrict myself to one type of game, but dabble with different genres and aesthetical choices. After all, this is what I love about games: the possibility space. I challenge myself every day to find new ways to engage with players and let them have a good time.

What I’m best at is playful interaction:

  • Accessible systems set up to allow for expressive play
  • Clever mechanics that combine the narrative and the interactive layer
  • Juicy effects that really make you feel immersed in the action.

I am currently working on my own video game: A fast-paced action game with roguelike elements, funded by Film- and Medienstiftung NRW!

Massive Miniteam works contracts

*adjusts tie* So, you want to talk business with me?

Whether in Virtual or Augmented Reality, Commercial Games or Mobile Apps for internal use at your company, I have experience building it and look forward to the opportunity of working with you on your next big thing.

As a well attuned Miniteam, I pride myself in

  • Flexible design
  • Professional communication
  • Reliable delivery

Do you need expertise in Narrative Design or someone to refine your Corporate Identity?
Do you yearn for customers to associate your company with fun and entertainment? Do you want to test the limits of current technology with innovative VR or AR projects?

Let’s do it!