We create Indie Games and VR / AR Apps


Game Development

We like to create joyful experiences that let people laugh together and enjoy the moment.


We draw our inspiration from all aspects of life, which is reflected in the multitude of projects we work on. The creative process inspires us, with all the struggle it brings. We like to try out new things, experiment, fail and revise our approach.


We like to start development in small teams with an experimental approach and lots of heated discussions. After the shape of something truly special emerges, the rest of the team steps in to fill in the gaps.


We create games filled with curiosity and excitement that allow for player expression through gameplay. We strive to see our passion reflected and multiplied in the faces of players all over the world.


From conceptual consulting to development and release, we help our clients reach their goals.
With our background in game development, we specialize in interaction design, UI/UX work and cutting edge technology.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a highly effective tool - under the right circumstances. With our experience, we can help you separate style from substance and focus on the most effective solutions for your company.


To play is to learn. We combine our experience in teaching classes and in game design to reach users more easily and help them learn through appropriate feedback loops and effective gamification elements.

Virtual Reality

As early adopters, we have years of experience in development with and for Virtual Reality. Our creations feature excellent performance and an innovative approach to truly immersive design.


Meet the team behind the pink.

Tim Schroeder

Founder & Business Executive

Michael Koloch

Founder & Design Director

Robert Schneider

Founder & Technical Director

Sonya El Hadouchi

Production Director

Mario Manzanares

Art Director

Simon Kickartz

3D Artist

Florian Wurth

Software Engineer

Patrick Martens

UI/UX Designer

Lukas Fabry

Game Developer

Annick Peters

Project Manager/QA

Corinne Fenoglio

Game Artist

Trixia Quinzon

Game Artist

Brenden Gibbons

Game Designer

Yasaman Farazan

Game Developer

Daniela Schmetz

Office Manager

Katharina Müller


Tori Schade

Character Animator

Olivier Haas

Audio Designer & QA

Philipp Juschka

Software Engineer

Lea Hümbs


Anastasia Shedu

Environment Artist


Morale Officer


Morale Officer


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We're privileged to have the support of so many institutions, agencies and clients.
A big thank you to every one of our partners!

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We like to write, draw, design, code, compose and play